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BUY WEED MELBOURNE After a long week in Sydney of only smelling a faint waft of cannabis in passing, I was disappointed not to have been able to enjoy any bud myself. That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of weed in Sydney because there is, I just did not get lucky in acquiring any. I did, however, hit the jackpot in Melbourne, where I was introduced to a whole new concept of cannabis delivery and a thriving weed culture that’s operating on the cusp of legalization. The liberally leaning cities of Australia, like Sydney and Melbourne, have thriving cannabis communities that are setting up the business infrastructures for legal cannabis operations, however, operating under illegal circumstances. Once legalization does happen in Australia, I expect cities like Sydney and Melbourne to flourish in the cannabis revolution as new business and innovation start to appear that have already been in the works for years.  


free vape pen sample free vape juice trial 2018 100% free vape kit free e liquid samples free shipping 2018 free vape stuff 2018 free ejuice samples 2018 free e liquid samples free shipping 2017 free vape juice samples 2018 I honestly did not know what to expect, but it felt safe since none of my personal information was at risk even if this did not work out. I was nonetheless excited about the new connection, and I headed back to my AirBnb to await a response. After an hour or so, I was sent a menu of six different strains, including pictures and descriptions of each kind of cannabis. My boyfriend and I eagerly read over the menu. It resembled a fast-food menu that included pictures of their food, but we were impressed, giddy even. We selected two strains, Bubblegum and Red Beard, agreeing to order an eighth of each. The cost was clearly stated, as it would be on any menu. It was a fair price. BUY WEED MELBOURNE After placing the order, we impatiently awaited a response. Promptly a response was sent informing me of the delivery time, total price, thanking me for my business, and instructing me to wait for a message closer to the time of delivery.
Thirty minutes before the set time of delivery, I received another message informing me of the make, model, and color of the car I should be watching for. At this time I also confirmed my address, something I was a bit uneasy about. In retrospect, I’m not sure if our AirBnb host would have appreciated his address being shared with a cannabis delivery service. I would advise picking a neutral location that you can walk to if you are uneasy about giving out an address, something I should have done, but oh well.

Luckily, the car that showed up was immaculately clean with a college-aged driver who invited me to hop in to complete the transaction. There were two small manilla envelopes sitting in the cup holder, each labeled with their perspective strain. He reconfirmed my order and the total price, which was eighty dollars; a necessary expense despite our tight travel budget. There is always money for weed. I inspected the bud while we exchanged small talk, completed the transaction, and excitedly went back inside with my new purchase. BUY WEED MELBOURNE

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