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Hybrid strains contain a mix of sativa and indica genetics and, depending on their lineage, can take on characteristics from both strain families. Buy marijuana online china

Hybrid Marijuana

A 101 guide to hybrid cannabis growing, harvesting, and effects for consumers.

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Along with indica and sativa, hybrid marijuana strains play a huge part in the diversity that makes up the world of cannabis plants. Understanding the characteristics and benefits of hybrid cannabis can help consumers tailor their recreational experience, as well as choose better medicine for particular illnesses and ailments.Buy weed online Brisbane

What Is Hybrid Marijuana?

Hybrid cannabis plants are a combination of indica and sativa strains. While discussions about types of cannabis tend to focus on the differences between sativa and indica, these only examine one part of the picture. In fact, most marijuana strains found today aren’t pure sativa or pure indica. Typically, they will be indica– or sativa-dominant hybrids, and sometimes they’ll be an equal mix of both kinds of cannabis.Buy quality weed online

Indica vs Sativa 101

To understand what effects (or type plant) a particular hybrid strain is likely to create, it’s helpful to know the differences between indica and sativa. The characteristics of indica and sativa marijuana strains make a big difference to recreational consumers who would like to guide the type of high they receive, as well as medical marijuana users who need to target specific symptoms.Buy hybrid cannabis online

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