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A Better Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil Recipe.  A simple homemade cannabis oil recipe with couple of small improvements, and recommendations about the best strains. Buy Rick Simpson oil online The main components of cannabis, THC, the psychoactive and medicinal component, and CBD the medicinal component have powerful anti-cancer properties.   The many peer reviewed medical papers – about 1200- , clinical and animal trials is included in the FURTHER READING SECTION. A number of patient testimonials that attest to the efficacy of Rick Simpson Oil in Cancer is also included.
“There are more than 1000 scientific papers MINIMUM, that show cannabis kills cancer, in the lab, in animals, in mammal cells, you name it.  But if you sell cannabis meds and say it cures cancer, the FDA will bust your ass.” – Johnny Rod
ABOUT RICK SIMPSON OIL Rick Simpson is a pioneer in medical marijuana.  Rick created an oil formulation that he claimed cured his cancer.   Rick Simpson oil is an extract from the cannabis plant, usually from the medicinal cannabinoid containing flowers, but the surrounding leaves, cuttings and twigs can be used as well.  Rick Simpson usually contains 60 to 80% THC, but weed high in CBD is increasingly used these days by medical patients in the know. The number of testimonials on the net the attest to the efficacy of Rick Simpson are certainly in the thousands, and most probably upward of tens of thousands.  It should be noted that manufacturers of CBD and other cannabis based medicines may not declare on the label or promotional labels that the products can treat or cure cancer, or any other condition for that matter. Right now, in June 2018, the FDA says that the only claim that can be made is that CBD oil may treat some forms of Epilepsy.   Everyone in the business knows that Epilepsy is but one of many conditions and symptoms that can be effectively treated with Cannabis and Rick Simpson oil is a particularly effective form. Since cancer is big business, we don’t expect the FDA to approve Rick Simpson oil anytime soon, that is as a cure,  The FDA could well prescribe smaller doses of cannabis or THC for pain, appetite and vomiting in chemotherapy, but not for the disease itself. “We’re looking at the shill FDA moving to take over medical marijuana.  Fresh off suppressing it and calling is a schedule I drug – most dangerous without medical application, now they’re sitting on their high horse saying, we’re the be all and end all, we know everything about marijuana.  In this farce, the FDA will pick out low volume client conditions and symptoms that cannabis can treat, and OK the treatment using a big-pharma bastardization of the original herb. The FDA will set the table to make it impossible for small players to participate in medical marijuana, and mediocre cannabis formulations will hit the market and the compliant peasants, the type that go along with the mainstream bullshit, they will lap it up.”  – Johnny Rod We agree with Johnny Rod.  We have to, he’s been 100% right on everything marijuana.  However, there is another scenario that is playing out simultaneously.  As Big Pharma moves in the the weed business, you have a lot of smaller players, legal and illegal, plus home grower that can make their own medicine. We’d be happy if both the big pharma guys do their business with the dummies who believe in their bullshit, and leave the smaller players alone to cater to people that have a clue about the science and medicines.  We’re happy the reality now in California is that you can access very good strains of cannabis and make a very good version of Rick Simpson oil yourself.
At the end of the day, it’s back to basics, you buy your things from someone nearby, or do it yourself.  You can get a handle on the quality directly as opposed to the failed process of having big government take care of you.   In a small way, by contributing to local buying and doing it yourself, you’re doing something for your country, which is to lessen, in an important small way, the further growth of the monster that the Federal government has surely become.
With that said, let’s make some great Rick Simpson Oil RECIPE In all starts with the weed.  You want to make a big batch, because it’s almost as much work to make a small one compared to a large one.  Next, you’re going to want to have a medical marijuana card, which allows you to purchase or grow the amount of cannabis required to treat your conditions and symptoms,  In the case of Cancer, the requirement could be 1 or 2 grams of oil per day for several weeks. Equipped with your medical doctor’s recommendation that states your usage requirement, you can shop at local dispensaries – and be allowed to buy in bulk, or scoop up several ounces of quality weed on sale. Your weed should be lab tested and contains at least 15% THC – or CBD-  and be free of pesticides, mold, chemicals. Cancer patients should definitely find a very experienced Medical Doctor to help them in their healing process, one with deep experience in cannabis based medicines.
It is beyond the scope of this article to recommend any particular formulation, but recently practitioners are using weed that is 20-1 THC:CBD, 10-10 THC:CBD, and 3:20 THC:CBD ratios in the starting material for Rick Simpson Oil.   Starting material in this case is, of course, the strain of weed used.
PROCEDURE One ounce – 28 grams-  of weed will produce about 4 grams of oil with about 3.5 grams of cannabinoids, mainly THC or CBD in the same ratio in the starting material – strain- .Buy Rick Simpson oil online We suggest that you buy 5 ounces of weed, enough for a full treatment your medical professional is likely to suggest. In this recipe however, we’ll use one ounce – or roughly 30 grams.  For 5 ounces, simply multiply numbers up by 5x. SAFETY FIRST The extraction uses flammable grain alcohol, which is not particularly dangerous, but can ignite if you are ill informed and careless.  When heating and extracting, don’t cause any sparks or light a cigarette and have a fan on to get rid of flammable fumes that could build up and ignite. 1 Chop up finely one ounce of weed. 2. Place weed in an oven at 230 deg for one hour. 3. Place 1 ounce weed material in a stainless steel, ceramic or glass container.  Plastics can be used but are not recommended because toxic plasticizers come out in the final product. 4. Add 500 ml grain alcohol to 1 oz  dry weed in container – above- . 5. Mix thoroughly for 5 minutes. 6. Let the mixture sit for a few hours and remix. 7 Let sit another few hours and most of the cannabinoids – THC & CBD-  are now extracted. However, we recommend that the mixture sit overnight and an extra few percent of cannabinoids will be extracted. 8 Pour the solvent through a fine strainer – metal preferred-  into a stainless steel pot. 9 Add about 100 ml solvent – alcohol to the residue – weed in the original pan-  and mix. 10 Pour the 100 ml additional solvent through the strainer, this insures that nearly all the cannabinoids have been extracted, and there is little waste.  A coffee filter may be used as well. Avoid contact with plastics. 11. Pour extract mixture, about 600ml into a stainless steel pot or preferable a temperature controlled rice cooker or crock pot . 12. Adjust the temperature to gently boil off the solvent, the temperature should be around 160 – 170 deg F. SAFETY – While boiling off solvent do not leave unattended. Use a fan to blow away fumes. Insure that there is no overheating and no possibility of sparks.  Insure that incase of fire it may be extinguished. Insure that there are no other flammable materials nearby that might catch fire. Adhering to these safety requirements will insure complete success.
13. Set a timer on your phone or what have you, to ring every 10 minutes.  Take a peek at your mixture and see that the boiling process is steady and sure and not violent.  Once you are used to the procedure and equipment, then you may alter this procedure to make it more convenient.  With that said, just a little bit of extra care makes for excellent results. 14.  When boiling stops – don’t let the temperature go over 200 deg. F.  Rick Simpson Oil is now the only thing that remains, with 80% or so cannabinoids, THC and maybe CBD if your strain contained it.Buy Rick Simpson oil online 15. When the solvent has been boiled off, turn the cooker to LOW and continue to heat for 30 minutes.
16. We recommend you finish here.  There may be small amounts of ethanol and terpenes left behind – which can be removed with further processing – but neither is toxic and in fact are medicinal. Recommended Strains for Rick Simpson Oil are high in THC with sedating effects. For medicinal purposes, Rick Simpson Oil is cannabis oil is best made with from sedating strains, which tend to be Indicas are recommended. Granddaddy Purple Indica dominant strain is a ‘knockout’, take before going to sleep, totally sedating for most, THC level is 17-27%, and its CBD level is 7%. Holy Ghost – Hybrid Strain 50% indica and 50% sativa. Its THC content is 28% so be prepared for a focused high that gives you energy after about 10 minutes of ‘couch lock.’ Buy Rick Simpson oil online Purple Kush Indica strain- with a THC content of 22%. It routinely figures in ‘top 10 most powerful strains in the world’ lists, has a euphoric head high that eliminates pain, leaves you feeling sedated. AC/DC 50:50 hybrid, has a relatively low THC content – 1-6% and high CBD content of 20%. has a strong effect on the whole body but enables you to concentrate at work, good for restless legs syndrome. Afghan Kush or Afghan OG, indica strain contains 20+% THC, 6% CBD and 1% CBN. is sedating, calming, relaxes the muscles. Lasts for up to three hours. Platinum OG was number in the 2016 strongest strains on earth list,  tested at 27 percent THC. Platinum is one of the first strains to test over 20 percent THC on a regular basis. Platinum OG is indica-dominant with heavy physical sedation. Motor Breath indica strain turned up twice on our strongest strains list of 2017 with THC percentages around 27% Purple Punch made it into the top 5 indica flowers and top 10 concentrates at the 2017 NorCal cup.Buy Rick Simpson oil online Kosher Kush  indica strain won the High Times cannabis cup best indica 2010, best strain 2011 best indica in the 2012 and 2015 medical cups. L.A. Chocolat  hybrid has the mood-lifting qualities of a sativa with the sedation of a heavy indica strain. Godfather OG  broke the previous cannabis cup record of 32.13 percent THC, testing at 34.04 percent. strain associated with potency and sedative effects. Blue Cheese effects are sedative, helping patients sleep with ease. This indica strain is ideal for night time use and it regularly tests over 20 percent THC. Strawberry Banana is one of the most pleasant smelling sativa-dominant hybrids with with THC levels reaching as high as 31 percent. FURTHER READING

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