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Berlin is a marijuana-friendly city, but recreational marijuana is it’s still illegal in Germany. This guide explains how weed is usually sold in Berlin. Buy weed in Germany


Weed is not legal in Berlin, but people often smoke it in public. You can buy it in parks, on Telegram, or from dealers you know. The weed you buy from parks or Telegram is often contaminate with chemicals. Buy weed in Germany

No. Recreational marijuana is illegal in Germany, and also in Berlin. If the police catches you with weed, you could get in trouble.

Cannabis is tolerated. People often smoke weed in parks, on the street, and even in some bars. If you smoke weed, people usually leave you alone.

Since 2017, medical marijuana is legal for seriously ill patients with a prescription. It is rarely prescribe.

In 2021, a new coalition government was elect in Germany. This new government wants to legalise recreational marijuana in all of Germany. It’s part of their coalition agreement. Marijuana could become legal in the next few years, but it’s not guaranteed.

What happens if I get caught with weed?

If you get caught with cannabis on you, the police will take you to the police station and question you. They will take your photo and information, and they will let you go. Be polite, and do what you are told. You will be fine.

A few weeks later, you will get a receipt for your visit at the police station. You don’t need to do anything yet. At this point, your case is still open. Later, you will either receive a letter with legal instructions, or a letter that says that there is no trouble.

In Berlin, less than 11 grams is consider a “small amount”, and the police can choose to let you go without consequences1. Most of the time, that’s what will happen, but it’s not guarantee. If you are caught with more than 11 grams, they must do something, and you will get in trouble. //stevemedsstore.com/product/where-to-buy-pure-thc-vape-juice-saudi-arabia/

How much should does weed cost in Berlin?

You should pay around 10€ per gram, but quality weed can be a bit more expensive.

Where do Berliners buy their weed?

There are 3 ways to buy weed in Berlin: on Telegram, from street dealers or through your friends.

Your friends might know a good dealer. Just ask. You will find at least one friend who has a safe, reliable dealer. You will get better, cheaper, safer weed this way. People you have just met will not always introduce you to their dealer.

Telegram is the easiest option if your friends don’t know any dealers. It’s a common way to buy weed in Berlin. There are many Telegram groups you can join. Buy weed in Germany

The parks should be your last option. They sell very low quality weed in parks. It’s often lace with dangerous chemicals.

Buying weed from Görlitzer and Hasenheide park

In Berlin, two parks have the most drug dealers:

  • Görlitzer park in Kreuzberg
    A big central park in Berlin. It’s famous for drug trafficking1. The drug dealers are everywhere. They are hard to miss12. It’s safe to spend time in the park, at least during the day. Parents go there with their children. The police often targets this park1.
  • Hasenheide park in Neukölln
    A bigger park with fewer drug dealers. It’s a better, safer park with an open air cinema and a petting zoo. The drug dealers are hard to miss1. where-to-get-thc-vape-juice-in-qatar/

Buying weed from parks is a bad idea. If you still want to do it, it works like this:

  1. Talk to a drug dealer standing near the walking path. They are very hard to miss.
  2. The dealer will ask you what you want, then point to his friend who hides in the bushes. Many dealers speak English.
  3. His friend in the bushes will ask you how much weed you want. will get take some weed from a bag he hides in a tree. He will put weed in your hand. He will not use a scale to weigh the weed, and you will not get a bag. You can try to negotiate and get a little more weed.
  4. Pay in cash, and leave. You should have the exact amount of money in your hand. Buy weed in Germany

Dealers are easy to find. They are everywhere in the park. They will even approach you when you walk through the park. Some people say that you should avoid the dealers near the entrance, and choose dealers deeper in the park. strongest-thc-vape-juice-1000mg-thc-vape-2/

Is buying weed from parks safe?

No. The weed you buy from random dealers is not safe. Most of the time, you will get contaminate weed. Dealers and park usually sell low quality weed that is contaminated with chemicals12. These chemicals irritate your throat and leave a bad taste in your mouth. You will often get Brix and grit weed in Berlin’s parks.buy-weed-ireland/

How to know if your weed is contaminated – Cannaconnection.com

They sometimes stay around the park’s entrance, and stop people with drugs on them. They are more active in Görlitzer park1.

Buying weed from Telegram

Different groups have different methods.

Usually, you set a meeting location. The person that runs the group will start a secret chat to ask for more details. Some groups ask for a selfie to prove your identity, and for the driver to find you. When you end the secret chat, your photo is delete.

You will receive a message when the driver is near you. The driver will pick you up. You must sit in the car. They might drive a few hundred meters with you. You must give your money to the driver, get your weed, get out of the car and leave. Be subtle, and do not flash your money near other people. buy-thc-vape-juice-in-cyprus/

Is buying weed from Telegram safe?

No. Marijuana from Telegram is often better than weed from the parks in Berlin, but it can still be contaminated1.

Since 2020, weed is often contaminate with synthetic cannabinoids (also call K2 or Spice). Hash can also be contaminated with synthetic cannabinoids1. order-delta-8-thc-vape-juice/

This type of contaminated weed is bad for your mental and physical health12, 3. The high is shorter, stronger and less pleasant. It is addictive, and it can cause psychosis and withdrawal symptoms1234. Buy weed in Germany

You can’t see if your weed is contaminate with a synthetic cannabinoid test kit. They are not made for this1. You can see synthetic cannabinoids with a microscope, or a very strong magnifying glass1. If the weed is contaminate, you might see crystals on the surface. Buy thc vape juice online saudi Arabia