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Buy Cannabis Online Stockholm. All drug use, possession, acquisition, and trafficking are crimes and are punishable under Swedish law. Setting up a contact between a dealer and consumer is also punishable by law.

The Swedish judicial system divides narcotics offenses into minor, simple and aggravated categories based on the amount of drugs involved – regardless of whether there was intent to sell. Those convicted of minor offenses can get up to six months in jail. Simple offenses carry a three-year sentence, while aggravated convictions garner at least two and a possible 10 years in prison. “Sweden has one of the harshest drugs policies in the world,” wrote journalist Danny Rosenbaum. “In many countries, including Britain, it is common for people in possession of cannabis to face only a caution. In Sweden, however, offenders are always prosecuted.”BUY WEED ONLINE UK

Law Enforcement

Police will confiscate any cannabis found, and in most cases they will prosecute. Under 18s caught with cannabis are normally just given a warning, but if you get a strict cop, then they will take you down.

Where to buy Marijuana in Stockholm

The south city, sodermalm… the place to be. The train stations there on a Friday night are often a easy place to pick up. Watch for police as drunken swedes get quite aggressive so police are always around the corner. NEVER EVER EVER try and buy at plattan or sergelstorg. Its heroin junkies selling bad quality gear mixed with chemicals. and theres lot of police around. BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS ONLINE EUROPE

and also : “In Stockholm at the main square “serge’s torg” which most people call it “plattan” there are heroinjunkies always trying to fool newbies buying. The arablooking guys and the white often put candy in aluminum foil and a small piece bad hash at one end.

Mariatorget, Fridhemsplan and Stadion have also been reported as good spots. BUY WEED ONLINE GERMANY

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If you don’t want to risk the cops on Stockholm’s streets, another widely-known, berserker booze spot where visitors could probably indulge in plenty of other goodies is the overnight ferry between Stockholm and Finland.” WEED DELIVERY IN NETHERLANDS

Stockholm Marijuana Prices

 Latest Info says: 400 SEK for 5g of hash 500 SEK for 5g of weed, some good will go for 600 SEK

Hashish: 100SEK – 200SEK /gram (soap bar = 5gram/300SEK all year)

Bud: 70SEK – 300SEK/gram (300 is for top buds, white widow and super skunk)

100SEK = £8 = $16

and also: “Hashish goes for as little as the equivalent of $6, or as much as $30, per gram. Pot sells at around $16 for an eighth of an ounce.”

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