THC Vape juice Shop in Germany

THC Vape juice Shop in Germany

Anyone who vapes and is not entirely averse to the consumption of marijuana has certainly thought about whether it is not possible to smoke weed with an e-cigarette. But are there any liquids with THC at all or can you even make them yourself? In this article we want to bring some light into the darkness for you.

E-cigarettes with THC – does that exist?

First of all: Yes, there is liquid with THC. That’s the good news. The bad news, however, is that such liquids are of course banned in Germany – like marijuana in general . In the following, we would like to show you what you need to consider and which alternatives to THC Liquid there are.

Make THC Liquid

Now you could of course come up with the idea of ​​simply making your own THC liquid or vaping THC oil. However, we can only advise against this! Why? There are several points we would like to explain to you before you try:

It’s illegal…

You already know that THC Liquid is illegal and we certainly don’t want to pretend to be moralizing here, but we still want to warn you against producing it yourself. Vaping self-made THC liquid is not entirely harmless: If you simply try to dissolve plant components in liquid or base, this will not have the desire effect and will destroy not only your marijuana but also your vaporizer or at least the vaporizer head . The vaporizers of e-cigarettes are only design to vaporize the liquid liquid, which consists of PG, VG, flavors and nicotine. Plant components in the liquid cannot be vaporize and start to smolder and/or clog your vaporizer.Therefore we can only advise against trying it.

…and dangerous

The next, obvious solution is not only dangerous for your vaporizer, but also for your health: If you come up with the idea of ​​filling your vaporizer with THC oil or preparing your own THC oil to vaporize it, you need to know the following: conventional ones Liquids like the ones you can buy from us or elsewhere are always completely free of oils for a reason. On the one hand, these would also destroy your vaporizer, on the other hand, it is extremely dangerous to inhale heated oil! You should also know that THC oil has a very high active ingredient content and the health consequences of inhaling it can therefore not be estimated. Even if you dilute it heavily, these cannot be calculated. That being said, you may also end up wasting your THC oil trying – many vaporizers don’t get hot enough to release the THC.

Dissolve THC in liquid – how do I do it right?

The alternative to liquid with THC

It is therefore not possible to purchase THC Liquid legally in Germany, and we can only advise against mixing THC Liquid with THC oil or plant components yourself – so how is it possible that there are also some marijuana consumers in this country who smoke weed with e -cigarettes ?

Often this is just a misunderstanding when talking about e-cigarettes with THC. In head shops, there are now often handy vaporizers to buy. These look confusingly similar to e-cigarettes, although they function differently: while the liquid liquid is vaporize in an e-cigarette, a vaporizer is not filled with liquid, but with dry marijuana components. buy-thc-vape-juice-in-italy/

These are then heat inside a chamber so that the THC can be vaporize and inhale. This means that there is no combustion process in vaporizers eitherlike a tobacco cigarette or a joint, but no liquid is vaporize either. So if you prefer to vaporize your marijuana rather than burn it, vaporizers can be an alternative. However, it is of course also illegal to vaporize with this weed in this country.

For this reason, they are only offer for vaping “herbs” . However, what the consumer then actually vaporizes in his vaporizer at home is another matter . In short, one can say that vaporizers are an alternative to liquid with THC and the mere purchase of a vaporizer is not prohibit.

Buy THC Liquid – what alternatives are there?

Liquid with marijuana flavor

If you don’t want to use a vaporizer, but actually vaporize marijuana liquid like you are use to from e-cigarettes with other flavors such as cherry, tobacco or chocolate, you still have the option of buying liquid with marijuana flavor . Liquids with this taste (but without THC as an active ingredient) are just as legal in Germany as, for example, incense sticks with this smell. So if you are concerned with the pure taste and not the effect, you can access it without hesitation. THC Vape juice Shop in Germany

CBD Liquid extracted from hemp

CBD Liquid is a really interesting alternative to THC Liquid . Little known in Germany, cannabidiol (abbreviation: CBD) is obtain from female hemp plants, just like THC. In contrast to THC, however, CBD is not (or hardly) psychoactive. For this reason it is (still) legal in Germany . Despite its legality, CBD Liquid has a certain effect . This cannot be compare to smoking weed, but it has a relaxing effect, is said to help against pain and. Among other things, also has a sleep-inducing and anxiolytic effect. If you want to convince yourself of the effect, you will not find CBD FX Liquid in our shop, but you will find a cannabis aroma insteadfrom Dark Burner or a delicious liquid from DVTCH that comes with a sweet space cake !

Order THC Liquid abroad

We don’t want to hide from you that there is actually also professionally produce THC liquid. Which not only tastes like marijuana, but also contains THC and therefore acts like a joint .

This is produce in such a way that it can also be vaporize in conventional e-cigarettes with a liquid system. As you can probably imagine, however, this is of course also forbidden in Germany. So you will probably find THC Liquid in Amsterdam, but not in German vape shops.

However, you should also refrain from simply ordering THC Liquid from a Dutch online shop, for example. You are not only making yourself a criminal offence, but you can also easily be caught doing it. THC Vape juice Shop in Germany

In summary, we can only advise against trying to make your own THC liquid or ordering it abroad. Maybe you would rather try finished THC liquid on holiday in Holland? Or you wait until marijuana is also legal in Germany.