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What is a weed shop?

Order thc vape juice Liechtenstein You can buy Swiss CBD in two types of CBD stores: physical stores and specialized websites like ours. On our website, as on other weed shops online, you will get a simple and fast access to a wide inventory of products. You will get loads of advice verified by a team of professionals driven by the passion for hemp.

It’s fair to say that we are probably one of the best CBD stores in Liechtenstein (a bit of self-love doesn’t hurt). With us, you can find a selection of the best hemp flowers and chose from a large number of payment methods to settle your order. Order thc vape juice Liechtenstein

A CBD store for all kinds of users

You will find the widest selection of legal cannabis products in our weed shop. All products come from Swiss CBD brands and producers, small craftsmen as well as larger producers. Our hemp products are subjected to the strictest quality controls before being put on our website for your purchase. Order thc vape juice Liechtenstein

Indeed, a third-party laboratories certified by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) check all our products. These controls guarantee in particular that the products contain a THC-level lower than 1%, in compliance with Swiss laws on cannabis. These tests make sure that the flowers do not contain any pesticide, heavy metal and are without nicotine.

Always in the spirit of “quality”, the uWeed team tests all the products that arrive in our weed shop. Granted: it is not the worst job in the world!

What is the difference between a weed shop and a CBD store?

No difference at all! They are simply synonyms for websites where you can make an online purchase for your CBD oils, CBD buds, or any other hemp products. Some might even call it hemp shop or cananbis shop.

Whatever you call it, uWeed’s vision is to deliver happiness to its users. In order to achieve this, we are trying to exceed your expectations in choice, quality,delivery and service. We offer the largest selection and the best quality cannabis products to our customers, where every consumer is welcome in our community. Order thc vape juice Liechtenstein

Where to buy CBD products online?

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best of Swiss CBD. We offers our customers a large selection of cannabis products from hemp plants with THC levels below 1%. Take advantage of an impressive range to finally find CBD buds, cannabis oil, how-to-get-thc-vape-juice-in-melbourne/hemp extracts that are working for you. You will receive your order in a short time (often as soon as the next day in Liechtenstein) for consumption without waiting.

Find the best of Swiss cannabis in our store

Our product range includes articles adapted to the needs of each individual. Preclinical laboratory studies have confirmed the potential benefits, as well as therapeutic effects of CBD and THC based products. They are the two most potent cannabinoids in the cannabis plants.

Thousands of users across the globe have been reporting positive effects of Cannabidiol on their wellbeing. In partnership with IG Hemp, we have published a study on consumption habits of Swiss CBD consumers which confirms these facts. 57% of consumers feel strong to very strong effects with CBD on their human body. These include an increased sense of well-being, a reduction in chronic pain and inflammation. They also mentioned possible effects and improvement in psychological and neurological disorders.

Make yourself your own opinion by visiting our online CBD store and testing one of our hemp products.

What hemp-based products do you offer in your CBD store?

You can order any legal hemp products easily in our CBD store. You will enjoy a fast and discreet delivery directly to your home. We deliver all orders placed in our our shop the next day anywhere in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If the amount of your order is above CHF 49.-, the delivery costs are free. You can also order in France and other European countries.

We also offer a wide selection of oils, cosmetics, smoking accessories, CBD for pets and CBD crystals. If you prefer to Do It Yourself, you can try our cannabis seeds and grow hemp plants in your garden or roof terrace. All products are obviously within the legal THC treshold imposed by Swiss Law.

Our CBD store offers the largest selection of legal cannabis

At, the #1 weed shop online, you can buy the best of Swiss CBD. Our selection is huge, with over 500 products in total. We are the “House of cannabis”. Whether you’re looking for indoor cannabis flowers or green outdoor hemp, we’ve got what you need. Sativa, Indica or even hybrids, you will be spoilt for choice. Order thc vape juice Liechtenstein

Do you also have cannabis flowers on our shop?

Yes, we do! This is actually one of our specialties! Legal cannabis buds from the best Swiss organic brands and producers. Weed weed and CBD buds are available online for all our customers and people in Liechtenstein and Europe. In total, there are no less than 50 CBD brands available on our website.

Do you sell CBD oils in your store?

Of course we do! Our priority is to offer you the best cannabis products in our store. CBD oils are among the best sellers, as they offer a THC level lower than 1% while showcasing calming and relaxing effects. Different cannabidioloil will be suitable for different people depending on their particular needs or symptoms. This is why an oil must be chosen in the right way: you can find all our advice on our site. Our oils are 100% legal in Liechtenstein.

Why is uWeed the best online weed shop?

Choice, Swiss quality, a pleasant experience, fast and free delivery, a passionate team. You’ll even be able to create an account and collect points through our loyalty programme. This will allow you to enjoy incredible loyalty offers over time.

We are a team of people close to our customers, and we provide answers to all your questions. We all know the effects and powers of hemp, so naturally we like to share it through our online store and our advice pages. And moreover, we speak your language! So browse our site to get answers. Order thc vape juice Liechtenstein

Is delivery from your cannabis shop possible in my country?

We try to deliver as much as possible to our customers in Europe for their well being. However, there are products that we can only deliver to Liechtenstein and not necessarily in France and many European countries for the moment. You can find out more about our delivery options.

Before adding your hemp product to the shopping cart, make sure that the THC level of the product is allowed in your country. Indeed, 1% of THC is the maximum legal rate in Switzerland, while it is 0.3% in France for example.

Next day delivery in Liechtenstein from our CBD store

Once you’ve chosen the right product for your needs, you’ll definitely want to try them out and enjoy them as soon as possible. Not only does our CBD store offer the highest quality legal cannabis products, but we also guarantee next day delivery of your order. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of our cannabis products as soon as possible.

Our online CBD store offers a selection of the best Swiss products compared to other CBD stores online. We also offer free next day delivery for all orders over CHF 49.00.

Delivery in France and in Europe from our shop

Knowing that Liechtenstein is the specialist of CBD production in Europe, opening sales channels to other countries of the European Union is not surprising. As far as the THC level allows it, the sale of legal cannabis from our weed shop to France is now possible. From Paris to Cannes, through Lyon, Brittany (Morlaix, Pornic) or Châteauroux and Bordeaux, everyone will be served. Delivery is fast and offered for orders over a certain amount.

For the moment, we have no franchise or physical store but you can enjoy the offers and services 100% online for your well being.

What is the best CBD store near me?

Many physical stores have opened in big cities in Switzerland and in the world. But let’s face it. There is no easier solution to find the right cannabinoid product or hemp flowers than our online store! Indeed, you will be able to find the best cannabis brands, like Naturalpes or Swiss Botanic, and add them directly in your cart from you couch. Order thc vape juice Liechtenstein

As soon as the payment is done, your delivery is sent to your city:

How can I pay for my products in your weed shop?

We, we give you freedom of choice when it comes to payment. You can chose any of the following method to pay for your order: Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), Postfinance, payment by phone (Twint), Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Unfortunately we do not offer the possibility to pay on invoice. However, it is possible to make a bank pre-payment for the items in your cart. Once we receive your payment, your order will be prepared and delivered within 1-2 working days.

Furthermore, we inform our Paypal does not work with companies active in the cannabis industry and cannabinoid products anywhere in the world.

uWeed’s cannabis shop: products for all needs

We has specialized in selecting and marketing quality Swiss hemp products. That’s why in our new weed shop you will find a wide range of different products. After all, more choice also means a chance to find the perfect product for every situation and need. You will find products based on the hemp or cannabis plant. In particular, hemp oils and cannabis flowers. However, our choice does not stop there. Infusions, food products, e-liquid, pollens and resins, and other cosmetic products are also available in our CBD store.

Thanks to careful controls, we can guarantee that all our products are of high quality and contain a rich concentration of Cannabidiol. In addition, we also make sure that they are below the legal limit of THC. That is to say a maximum THC content of 1% in Liechtenstein and 0.3% in most other European countries. The purchase and sale of cannabis on uWeed’s online store is perfectly legal, but reserved to users over 18 years old.

Different ways to use CBD products

All CBD users have their own needs and preferences in terms of dosage and method of administration. We offer products that can be applied directly to the skin (in a topical way), such as hemp cosmetics.  Other products can be absorbed through the oral mucosa, digested in the stomach or inhaled and absorbed through the lungs.

Our CBD hash and CBD pollen will leave you delighted. Check out the articles and guides published on our website. You will learn more about the various ways to consume Cannabidiol. If needed, our customer service team will be happy to help you find the right products for your needs.

Quality and zero risk in the uWeed shop

Our wide range of products may seem intimidating when you first come to our CBD shop. However, each product has its own benefits. Once again, it is important to note that Cannabidiol side effects are mild. The molecule overall has a low risk profile.  Major side effects from its consumption are non-existent, so much so that the UN has confirmed this in a report on Cannabidiol by the World Health Organization.

How do you control the quality of the products sold in your CBD store?

Before marketing a new brand on our platform, we perform a strict quality control. Indeed, we ensure the traceability of products (batch number, visit to the fields, etc.) and we always perform a test by an independent laboratory. Not to mention the complete testing of their range, by employees and our community of expert and passionate testers. We remove from sale any product that does not get good reviews or ratings from our consumers. Buy thc vape juice Liechtenstein

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly from our online weed shop. We will be happy to assist and guide you in your choice of product. Our dedicated and experienced customer service is here to help you select products and navigate the site. Finally, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and get a coupon code for your first order. Order thc vape juice Liechtenstein

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