Buy weed Online in Ireland

Buy weed Online in Ireland

Buy weed Online in Ireland

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Cannabis users have increasingly turned to the darkweb to source the drug as lockdowns across Europe affect traditional supply lines, new research has found. Buy weed Online Ireland

The illicit online cannabis market grew significantly in March when most EU countries, including Ireland, introduced some form of movement restrictions to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Conversely there is less demand for large consignments of cannabis which are destined for resale, likely the result of dealer concerns about being able to shift their product at street level during lockdown.

The findings come from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) which studied pricing trends on three of the most active darkweb markets selling drugs in the EU.

Price drop

Between January, when the pandemic had yet to significantly affect the EU, and March, when most countries had imposed some sort of movement restrictions, market activity across the three sites increased by over 25 per cent, with cannabis sales accounting for most of the growth.

Researchers suggest recreational users were turning to the darkweb as they anticipate difficulties in buying cannabis from their regular dealers.

Mid and large size sales of drugs drop significantly during the same period as did the prices. “This could be explain by those active in resale of cannabis purchased from online markets predicting. That their opportunities will be disrupt and therefore not ordering new stocks,” the EMCDDA said.

The trends described have been seen in Ireland.

Drug dealers have move operations from urban centres to the suburbs due to lack of activity. And there is evidence of dealers calling in drug debts to shore up their finances.

However, gardaí have continue to seize large consignments of drugs from organised criminals. Partly due the increased garda presence on the streets and at checkpoints. Buy weed Online Ireland

Most online vendors analysed ship from the UK (47 per cent) and Germany (30 per cent). France and Spain account for six and four per cent respectively. Only about one per cent of cannabis dealers. weed Online Ireland

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