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A dig in the history

One in three Australians have used cannabis.


Cannabis hasn’t always been illegal in Australia. In fact, 150 years ago, Australians were encouraged to cultivate marijuana. Then came 1920 — a year of prohibition and waves of legislative actions banning and criminalizing the crop.

Fast forward to 2018 — cannabis is back in the spotlight. This time, however, the goal is to legalize it.

Current trends suggest widespread support for legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. But it doesn’t stop there — the government also plans to legalize the drug for personal use. In 1992, the ACT decriminalized cannabis possession for any amount less than 25 grams. Later, in an effort to reduce the cost of policing marijuana users, the limit was increased to 50 grams.

Today, with increasing proof of cannabis benefits, along with growing public support, the ACT considers legislation aimed at making it legal to possess and grow cannabis for personal use.

Marijuana and its umpteen benefits

The current story

Over the past 80 months, the ACT has received more than 80 submissions regarding cannabis. Of those submissions, 75 are in favor of legalizing the plant for personal use. The proposed bill will remove the cap of 50 grams of cannabis and authorize legal possession of more than four marijuana plants. Buy Marijuana Online canberra marijuana for sale canberra buy cannabis online canberra

Canberra has a unique approach to cannabis, where the possession of 50 grams is not offensive. Currently, the ACT is just one vote away from legalizing the drug. The Liberals are less likely to vote in favor of the legislation, which leaves the Greens in control of its destiny.buy dank vape online

Advocates of the bill take the position of decriminalization. They claim that criminalizing cannabis is doing more harm than good because a single jail term can ruin an entire life.

How Australians teenagers use the illicit drug

The story behind the change

Cannabis has a variety of beneficial uses, all of which outweigh any potential damage to the body. Further, research shows that 20% of dangerous road accidents are due to alcohol use, while only 1% is due to marijuana use. Such statistics, along with knowledge of numerous scientific researches showing the benefits of cannabis, are enough to sway the opinions of government officials.

Impacts of Passing the bill

Passing a cannabis bill will likely have economic benefits. Legalization will to give rise to a new industry, which in turn will result in new business opportunities, job creation, more taxes, etc. Legalization will also reduce the costs of policing marijuana users. Buy Marijuana Online canberra marijuana for sale canberra buy cannabis online canberra

Statistics show a savings of $100 million in policing costs if the bill is passed into law. GST revenue will also increase by $300.


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