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buy cannabis sydney

What can you expect from cannabis product?

Depending on the type of strain or product that you opt for, the following are the typical benefits you can expect from cannabis products:

  • Pain relief
  • Relief from stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Anti-tumor effects.
  • Melioration of cancer-related symptoms, including vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy.
  • Treatment of acne.
  • Improvement of heart and lung health
  • Prevention of diabetes.

Where do cannabis products sold in Sydney come from?

The law stipulates the type of cannabis products that you can buy legally in Sydney. It also stipulates the requirements that Aussie cannabis producers must meet in order to get a license to produce.

However, due to the laxity of enforcement, Sydney residents can obtain cannabis products that do not come from vetted producers. As such, the cannabis products you can find in Sydney come from random local and international producers. And since the illicit cannabis markets are not regulated by the authorities, you might need to experiment with different sellers to find those who can sell you products with the quality that suits your needs.




How much do cannabis products cost in Sydney?

The cost of cannabis products in the black market generally depends on the sellers. On the low end, you can be lucky to buy an ounce of dried buds for as low as AUD$ 300, while on the high end, a gram in Sydney can sell for as much as AUD$350.






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