10 STRAINS & PRODUCTS Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite?

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10 STRAINS & PRODUCTS Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite?

10 STRAINS & PRODUCTS Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite?

For some cannabis consumers, the “munchies,” or appetite stimulation, is an unwanted side effect that can lead to overeating, but for many medical marijuana patients, it provides necessary relief from symptoms like nausea and a lack of appetite. For those of you who consume cannabis as a natural appetite stimulant or to help calm gastrointestinal distress, here are 10 of the many strain varieties that can help kick-start the grumbles in your tummy:


Goo is a fairly heavy indica, so don’t test this strain unless you’re prepared for a strong dose of relaxation with your appetite boost. It also offers relief from painful muscle spasms, making it a good choice for spasticity or for those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders.

Monster Cookies

Another potent indica, Monster Cookies hails from the favored GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) tribe and offers the same dose of euphoria and relaxation you know and love. The sleepy effects will increase over time, so keep your couch and your munchies close at hand and you’ll be set for the night.

Maui Bubble Gift

Maui Bubble Gift is an aromatic hybrid with roots in three distinctively fantastic medicinal strains: Bubble GumMaui Waui and God’s Gift. This indica-dominant strain has an unusually high CBD content, which makes it an excellent choice for pain and nausea sufferers. With the mental clarity of Maui Waui, the stomach-soothing spasm relief of Bubble Gum, and the relaxing effects of God’s Gift, this hybrid offers the best of three worlds in one.

 Sonoma Coma

Sonoma Coma is a rare sativa that hails from (where else?) Sonoma County, California. It offers energetic, uplifting effects with a mellow finish and a dash of the munchies to aid a diminished appetite.

Platinum Purple Kush

Purple Kush’s beefed-up older brother, Platinum Purple Kush provides deep muscle relaxation while still maintaining clarity and focus, making it one of the “lighter” indicas on our list. It has been known to make consumers “crazy hungry,” so make sure to have some noms on hand.

10 STRAINS & PRODUCTS Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite?

Orange Skunk

A citrus infusion with a clear-headed high, Orange Skunk relieves depression and anxiety in addition to a lack of appetite. With a myriad of effects, this strain can help relieve multiple symptoms, including inflammation, headaches, even pain and fibromyalgia.


This indica-dominant hybrid is known to be expressly excellent for inducing an appetite, even among those with the most intense stomach symptoms. For those with nausea, weight loss, and issues with the digestive tract, Gigabudought to be a staple for relief and to encourage a “ravenous” appetite.


This sativa-dominant hybrid has indica origins in the Lavender family, offering an uplifting buzz without paranoia, along with potent pain and nausea relief. While Caramelo is an energetic strain useful for daytime consumption, be forewarned: the effects may be short-lived, so you may require a stronger strain for longtime symptom management.

10 STRAINS & PRODUCTS Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite?

Pure Kush

True to its name, Pure Kush is one of the purest, most potent indicas you’ll encounter. Watch out because this strain will knock you out like Mike Tysonif you’re not careful. Place your pizza orders before you dose or you may have trouble peeling yourself up off the couch to even get to the kitchen, which just seems….so far away….


Contrary to its name, this devilish strain is a kinder, gentler indica than many on this list. While couchlock is still a potential side effect, Diablo will allow you the focus and mental capacity to tackle day-to-day life without too much trouble, although you may need to watch out for a case of the giggles.

Still looking for an appetite stimulant? Here are some other options to help make you hungry, calm your stomach, or reduce nausea:

10 STRAINS & PRODUCTS Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite?

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