Where to buy vape juice in Dubai?

Where to buy vape juice in Dubai

Where to buy vape juice in Dubai?


What is an ESMA-approved vaping product?

Can you buy vape juice in Dubai?

Since vaping became widely available in the UAE back in early 2019, the industry has rapidly expanded – giving rise to an abundance of artisan vape lounges and major retailers stocking e-liquid products.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have seen the biggest increase in smokers switching to the far safer and more exciting option of vaping flavoured e-cigarettes. where-to-buy-pure-thc-vape-juice-saudi-arabia/

Getting your hands on the latest vape juices and quality devices in Dubai has never been easier. Most major retailers such as Podsalt’s award-winning Nicotine Salt range.ENOC, ZOOM, Circle K and Smokers Centre now stock a wide-ranging selection of international vape brands, including SMOK, , and of course,Just Juice, Doozy. buy-thc-vape-juice-online-europe/

If you’re on the move around the city, you can also drive into your local Emarat petrol station and find premium vaping products behind the counter at affordable prices.

Though, you may find yourself with a little more time and want to experience the wonders of the local vape lounge. A hugely popular pastime in Europe and America.

Vape lounges are designed to offer a relaxed atmosphere, good coffee and space to try premium vape juices. We recommend checking out Vape N Chill, Deira and My Vapery, Dubai Mall. order-thc-vape-juice-in-jeddah/

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What is thc vape juice?

Podsalt is a dedicated nicotine salt brand. Our award-winning, British-made e-liquid collection provides the smoothest and most refreshing vaping experience that hits the spot.

Nicotine Salts are found naturally in tobacco leaves and consist of nicotine and salicylate. Which we then extract to produce our e-liquids. Salts represent an evolutionary step in quality from standard freebase nicotine. Offering vapers enhanced nicotine delivery, greater satisfaction and a far smoother experience. order-thc-vape-juice-in-qatar/

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Where to buy cbd oil in Dubai?

Podsalt is the up and coming brand hitting the shelves in the UAE. As with other international brands, you’ll find Podsalt products in many major retailers such as ENOC, ZOOM, Circle K, Smokers Centre and Emarat outlets.

My Vapery is our official partner in Dubai. The online and in-store e-liquid retailer offers 3 world-class vape stores. And a next day delivery service that delivers straight to your door. My Vapery stocks the full range of Podsalt products, including the next-generation PS One device and adheres to the highest possible standards. where-to-buy-pure-thc-vape-juice-saudi-arabia/

Every My Vapery product is ESMA approve and registered in the UAE. Ensuring the safety and quality of your vaping experience.

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What is an ESMA-approved vaping product?

The Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology, otherwise known as ESMA, is a Federal Authority that ensures the quality of goods entering the UAE market. thc-vape-juice-seller-in-dubai/

Buying or ordering an ESMA-approved vaping product in the UAE effectively acts as quality and safety guarantee. This means you are purchasing a premium product that has undergone rigorous testing. The UAE market is flooded with counterfeit vaping products so make sure to ask your local retailer before you buy. order-thc-vape-juice-saudi-arabia/

Podsalt and My Vapery are premium retailers and only stock ESMA-approved e-liquids and vaping products. Visit your local My Vapery Store today.