Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo

Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo

Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo

Legislation: The Norwegian government outlaws all possession and use of hash or pot. Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo

Law Enforcement: You can get buste for posessing pot in Norway, however, between all Norwegian cities – Oslo is one of the more pot- friendly cities. Police are not interested in buyers and will not search you unless you are smoking in front of them. People wont snitch unless you are blowing smokerings in their face or smoking in front of their window. Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo

The cops around here, don’t really care if you are using drugs. It’s highly illegal, so if you some how get caught, you will be punish pretty hard. But most likely you won’t get caught, cause even though it doesn’t seem like it on the outside; Norway is a country where MANY are using drugs. Police don’t bother to run around catching everybody, so unless you are under 15 year old, and it shows, they won’t bother stopping you.

another report we have is: “The police will target you, the purchaser, rather than the pusher. Do not buy hash along the river, you will either end up having payed good money for some wood or caught by the police. Or both.”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo: Easiest way to score some hash is in center of the city, the subway will take you there. The stop is call “Grønland” (read Gronland is ok). Area in the middle of the city, all drug dealers are standing along the river there.

For a year or two before this police crackdown, the hashish sold along the river had been mostly re-aldutera soapbar (yes, it’s true, they grind up the soapbar and add even more stuff) or worse – rubber or wood or something else altogether. Before this period top quality hash was always available at the river, probably due to the high concentration of pushers and thus high competition.

You can still get the ultra-low quality hash at the river, just ask any African you meet on your way along the river between Grnerlרkka and Grרnland. Or they will ask you. A word to the wise: don’t carry a lot of money, and don’t argue on the price or the quality. If possible, avoid gangs of pushers. Also, perhaps counter-intuitively, the most dangerous people you’ll meet at the river are the white Norwegians. Do not buy their hash, do not even talk to them. Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo

If you want good hashish in Oslo without knowing anyone, you will have to take to the pubs. There is one pub in the lower parts of Grnerlרkka which is infamous among the right crowd for its many pushers and tolerant owners. The pushers are Norwegian (white) men (and some women) in their 40s or 50s – the good old hippie crew (although they don’t look it, they look more like good old beer lovers). Don’t buy hashish in the pubs in Oslo from anyone younger than 35 or so – they are much more likely to cheat you. The pub-pushers are there every day, and in order to attract returning customers they can’t cheat people, and never do. You always get what you pay for at the pubs.

The best time to buy hash off the pubs in Oslo is in the daytime, from around 13 to around 17. At later hours you can still be lucky and find someone pushing, but it’s likely going to be more expensive or worse quality. In the daytime you will usually have 5-6 different pushers. The pushers will often sell the same stuff, but there is almost always at least 2 varieties to choose from if you ask around.

To locate this pub, just go to the lower part of Grnerlרkka, enter one of the pubs and order a beer. At a fitting time when no one can hear you, ask the bartender where this “hash pub you hear so much about is”. Any bartender will know what pub it is, and being young and probably smoking themselves will happily direct you. Another hint is that there are very few young people traversing the pub you want to find, and it is also probably the most visited pub in the daytime – it should not be that hard to find.

“The River” is maybe the easiest place to get it. That’s a area about the size of Yankee stadium, where it is about 300 different pushers, standing on EVERY SINGLE CORNER! The River is right in the heart of the city- You take the subway to “Grenland” – the station before “Jernbanetorget” (That’s concidered the exact middle of the town). All lines goes trough Grenland, so you don’t need to worry about stepping on the wrong train. When you step out the train, you simply walk out of the station. If you for some strange reason didn’t get offere a buy on your way out, you simply walk a little around the area. If you look around, and you’r not completly stoned, you will notice faster than you can count to 5, how many pushers there are.

Norway, specially Oslo, have a lot of foreigners! Belive me, you will find some good shit around that area. The River is the place,if you want hash, marijuana etg.. Other BIG places where there’s a lot of selling in progress is Jordal (school, known all over the country), Toyen (the subway-station next to Grenland)

At the subway-map you’ll see that grenland and toyen lie right next to eachother. sort of like this: Jernbanetorget (down town senter)- Grenland(HASH,HASH,HASH), Toyen (Also a lot of hash, but also a lot of violence, gangs and shit, so it might not be the best choice for tourists).

As I said, it’s not hard to find Hash and Marijuana at the east. But to be sure you’re not shitting yourself, buy at Grenland or Toyen. Toyen is my “hood” so I know what I’m talking about.

from our local reporter: “I was staying in a Youth Hostle on Skippergata. This is the perfect place to link hash dealers and hookers on every corner – and inbetween every corner for that matter. If you don’t know where Skippergata is just ask around – everyone speaks english. There are loads of police around here as well but don’t let that put you off, it’s easy to keep it on the downlow and if you look like a tourist then they are less likely to stop and search you randomly. ”

The latest report we recieved is: “UPDATE: There have been a lot of changes in the pusher environment at “The River”. There is good hash going, but that is if you are very lucky or know some people. As the years have gone by the old pushers have retired, leaving the market open for new recruits. I’m writing this as warning: try rather to stop a random guy who looks like he smokes and beg him to help you out rather then buying from a so called pusher around the river. They have no morals and no real future. Fuck them all.

If you for some reason try to buy from them;

Check the goods (burn, smell and taste)

Don’t pay till you have the stash

Avoid gangs of pushers

They will try to distract you so you don’t notice their cheat If they cheat you, don’t go back crying – they are potentially dangerous

Oslo Marijuana Brands and prices: The prices are 100kr pr gram – but you don’t buy one gram in Norway. In Oslo it is customary to deal in 5-gram slabs, and they should cost 400kr. In the event that the hash you are purchasing is something special, the 5-gram slab will cost 500kr.

The prices for good weed are 100kr pr gram usually. Sometimes you will find people charging from 125 to 150 pr gram, but this is always a bloated price and you should be able to find it elsewhere for 100kr.

Prices for larger amounts vary with the quality and supply. Usually the prices for good name brand hashish from Amsterdam is between 50 and 60 kr pr gram when you purchase a kilogram. The price of soapbar is about half this when purchasing in kilos.

Good quality hydro-weed can be gotten as low as 50kr pr gram when buying in kilos. But the usual price will be 60-70 kr.

The hash here in Norway is getting pretty good, if you look at the right places. Standard soapbar crap is almost out of the market.

The prices: One gram of hash costs 12.7 Euro, five grams costs 50 Euro and ten grams between 89-100 Euro. The pot in Oslo is actually gerally pretty good. The pot is mostly skunk.

It’s fresh, smelly and very potent, better than the hash. Prices are 19 Euro for one gram, and 64-69 Euro for five grams.

Our local Reporter added: “In Norwegian money, It’s almost everywhere about 80-125 krones per gram Hash. 100 krones is a very regular prize. I’m not sure, but I think that’s about 12 Euro.. Most dealers throw in a 1/2 grammer, cause of the competition.”..

..”We got all sorts of dark and light hash. seriosly, it totially depands who you’re buying from. All sorts! 4real! But the marijuana, is most jamaican. Marijuana is not so regular in this country. Hash is easyier to hide from the police you know;)”

and another rreporter mentioned “The price is around 12 euro for 1 gram. for five its about 44-55 euro.”

Marijuana brands: At least 90% of the market in Norway is fed with soapbar, and only soapbar. In Oslo, this number is a bit lower, but it is still quite high. Only people with good knowledge and good hookups are able to get good hashish ala the kinds you can get in any coffeshop in Holland.

Weed is different. Most of the weed is medium quality – meaning that it is way better than the usual soapbar hashish. There is also some top quality stuff to be had if you know where to look or get lucky.

Weed brands range from white widow to superhaze through bigbud. You will find however that most of the weed you get is from a strain that produces a lot of yield sacrificing some of the quality, e.g. bigbud. Your dealer will probably not know what strain it is he is selling himself – he’ll probably say it’s “skunk”.

Hash brands are very varied, you can get anything from Nepalese charas to Nederhash – but only if you know the right people. Summer of 2007 has so far seen a lot of high-quality moroccan (of the blackish “export” type), and some lesser quality Lebanese, both red and yellow. Some Dutch “Pollen” also made it up north this summer.

More information: It is much easier to get hold of hashish off the streets than it is weed – and if you do happen to find some weed on the streets be careful to check that it is not some typical African schwag full of seeds.

Do not be afraid of turning down the dealers, they are often acting aggressive, but it is a safe place overall. But be careful of getting rippe of especially if dealer is acting stressed and at night time. Always check out the product before giving money.

City Tale

Like many Northern European countries, Norway frowns on most pot and hash smoking even in larger cities like Oslo.

While there is still medium-quality bud and hash to be found, strict laws are a stiff deterrent to lighting up even in private. “Weed is definitely not okay in Norway!” said Danny from Indianapolis in the United States.

“Your ass will get locked up.” Unlike friendlier countries and cities that tolerate small amounts of drugs for personal use, the Norwegian government outlaws all possession and use of hash or pot.

According to the U.S. Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Norway has also increased fines for possession or transportation of any drugs. Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo

The agency add that few drugs like pot are grown locally either because of the country¹s harsh winters. There are a few vocal critics of the country¹s harsh laws. Oslo’s health chief Ellen Christiansen has been pushing to relax the statutes controlling drugs since the mid-90s, but she hasn¹t met with much success in the past few years.

Even with a few politicians campaigning for change, don¹t expect it to get easier to light up a bowl in Oslo for the foreseeable future. “The self-righteous blindness and sheer scientific ignorance about soft drugs, common enough in many other countries, is simply colossal in official and public Norway,” said Rob from the United Kingdom. CBD Oil

But despite the crackdown, there is bud and hash to be found in Oslo especially among the younger set. Hash has become the drug of choice for most people looking to get high. Nineteen percent of 15 to 20-year-olds in Oslo say they¹ve smoked either hash or marijuana. The figure in other parts of the nation was closer to 9 percent. Because of the underground nature of the smoking scene in Oslo, the most reliable way to hook up with a buyer is to start meeting locals. “Go to private house parties or good clubs,” said one smoker from the United States. Indica Strain

Because it is the most popular smoke, hash is the easiest to find. Expect to pay about 12 EUR a gram or 60 EUR for five grams of mediocre smoke. Marijuana runs about 12 EUR for a gram and a half, but quality is dubious at best. <<>> “It is very rare and not very good,” said Adam, a tourist. “The hash is better.”

Long daylight hours transform Oslo into a great party scene, where you stand the best chances of finding some smokeables at the local club scene. Head to Radhus near Aker Brygge to find the busiest and hottest bars or drift over to Universitetsgata or Rosenkrantz gate for a slightly slower scene. Sydney

Most establishments stay open until three or four in the morning and many serve some type of snack food if the munchies strike. Popular bar choices include the Savoy Bar (Universitetsgata 11) colore with staine glass windows, The Scotsman (Karl Johans gate 17) which is packed with locals despite the eclectic live music and Beer Palace (Holmensgata 3) which serves over 50 cooling brews. To shake your “groove thang”, stop off at Oslo’s snottiest nightclubs centered around Karl Johans gate in the middle of town. Thc Vape Juice

Rebekka West (Kristian IV¹s gate 7), with a hoppin¹ dance floor and live acts ranging from punk to country western has a little bit of music for everyone¹s soul.Mars (Storgata 22). as a youthful Olso vibe that resonates to 90s house mixes on weekdays and live music on the weekends.

If you still can¹t dig up a decent hash dealer and are too broke for a bar, stow your pipe and head to a local Oslo supermarket or a vinmonopolet. A liquor store to grab a few bottles and drink the night away.

Unlike some European countries, however, you have to be 18 to buy alcohol in grocery stores and 20 for the vinmonopolet.

And when uncontrollable munchies strike assuming you¹ve found somewhere to buy hash in town all kinds of bread. Fruit and sandwiches are sold at stalls sprinkled around the center of town. Particularly good buys are hamburgers and polsner (hotdogs) from local fast food joints. Where to Buy Marijuana in Oslo

But no matter where you hang out and toke up in Oslo, keep one thing in mind by European standards. This not a pot and hash friendly town. “Watch out for undercover cops,” Adam said. Discreet Vape thc juice Shipping to Saudi Arabia