Weed in Norway Bergen

Weed in Norway Bergen

When planning to go on a vacation, one of the top destinations that comes to mind is Norway. The lifestyle, quality of life, history, culture, diversity, and other structures are some of the features that add value to your trip if you visit Norway on your vacation. The Nordic country is rich with activities that you can do, from skiing, fishing, hiking, visiting ancient museums, among others, which one of these is you may to try weed in Norway to spice up your trip. Weed in Norway Bergen

About Norway

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Norway, the kingdom of Norway, is a country in northern Europe. It covers territory from the Scandinavian peninsula to the western part that borders other Nordic countries. There is a remote island called Jan Mayen and the Svalbard archipelago, all parts of Norway. On the east side of the country is Sweden, Finland to the northeast, and Russia to the northeast. On the other side, it is next to the United Kingdom and Denmark. The country has a huge coastline that covers the northern Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea.

Why go to Norway?

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There are so many reasons why many people want to visit Norway (here are things to do in Alta). The happiness index of the Norwegian population is so high that you are sure that your trip will be worthwhile. The area is filled with natural beauty. You can enjoy nature outdoors or explore what the nation has to offer in splendor and diversity.

Suppose you are traveling to Norway for the first time or exploring the country as a returning visitor. In that case, there are so many things that you have to put into consideration. These include the low crime rates, high standard of living, outdoor lifestyle coupled with incredible destinations that you can visit during your trip to Norway.

Weed in Norway Bergen

The stunning fjords (things to in Tufjord), mountains, lakes, glaciers, rugged coastline, and creeks are some of the unique features that make Norway a perfect place that you should visit during your next vacation. In Norway, you can learn more about the maritime museum as well as the Viking ship museum. There are plenty of activities that you will enjoy in the country.

What to do in Norway?

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Norway is among the top-visited countries in the Scandinavian region. Many people go to see the fjords, northern lights and enjoy the culture of the people. Since this location is filled with activities that you can do during your trip, there is so much that you can learn around the area. Everywhere you visit in Norway (check our Things to do in Kirkenes), you are sure to find an excellent location to explore and enjoy some outdoor activities. Weed in Norway Bergen

It is almost impossible to travel around Norway and miss a fjord. Since tourism is one of the main pillars in the country, you will get only top-notch services and enjoy activities such as camping, diving, sailing, kayaking, hiking, and fishing. If you want to check the best of the country, it is better to visit when the weather is fair. During winter, the weather can be adverse. You will find snowy all over the region.

During the winter period, you will encounter darkness for most parts of the day. On the other hand, you will find that the sun is up for most parts of the day during the summer period. Therefore, you can enjoy midnight concerts, hikes, and other fun activities that you want to do all summer during this period. In addition, you can spend your evening enjoying the company of your friends and family in the housing or hotel room.

Cannabis in Norway

Weed in Norway Bergen Where to buy marijuana

Now that we have delved into why Norway is a fantastic country and the culture and diversity, the next concept is to look at cannabis in Norway. The government had taken a hard stance on cannabis. There were prison sentences and heavy fines for people who flouted the rules. However, the country has moved from one step to another over the years. Weed in Norway Bergen

There is a medical cannabis program that allows people to consume marijuana as long as a certified physician has approved them. The decriminalization of marijuana is a good step in the right direction. However, going by the law changes that have been going on in Norway, there is a high chance that the country will adopt a more subtle position on the cultivation, sale, and possession of marijuana.

Possession of cannabis in Norway

Norway has had a tough stance on people breaking the law, especially regarding drugs. The country’s enforcement system has moved rapidly to address this issue by introducing legislation that allows people to carry a small amount of marijuana for personal use. If you are visiting Norway, you should understand the dynamics in this country so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law. In Norway, when you possess up to 15 grams is punishable by fine or short-term imprisonment.

In 2017 the parliament of Norway passed a bill seeking to decriminalize marijuana. This motion was a surprise to many people considering that the country has had a powerful position in terms of cannabis and the use of this compound across the globe. The prime minister noted that the possession fines were meaningless and detrimental to society. This did more harm than good. The people of Norway should undergo treatment if they have a problem with drugs and not pay fines.

Selling cannabis in Norway

It is imperative to note that the supply and sale of cannabis are illegal in Norway. The penal code indicates that offenders who violate the law will be sentenced to two years. This applies to individuals caught producing, transporting, acquiring, storing, and supplying marijuana. Weed in Norway Bergen

This is more on the narcotic drugs, and it will depend on the substance involved, the nature of the offense, and the quantity of the drug involved. There have been numerous seizes of large-scale traffickers who try to use the Atlantic Ocean to smuggle cannabis to the country. The largest seize that was ever done was capturing 700 kilos of cannabis from abroad.

Cultivation of cannabis in Norway

Weed in Norway Bergen Where to buy marijuana


Weed in Norway Bergen

It is imperative to note that the cultivation of marijuana is illegal in Norway, and if you are found cultivating the crop, you can end up in prison for 24 months. However, there have been significant changes in the country’s laws, and with the decriminalization of marijuana, people can grow up to four plans. The Norwegian government is weighing up options. With the move towards producing high-quality industrial hemp, there is a high chance that the producers will use the best weed strains in the world. Weed in Norway Bergen

A recent survey conducted in the country indicates that many people across the nation are avoiding the commercial cultivation of marijuana because there are so many challenges. The skills and expertise of growing the crop in the best conditions and delivering high cannabidiol content will depend on your farming practices.

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The legality of CBD in Norway

Cannabidiol is illegal in Norway. It is essential to understand that Norway is not part of the European Union. Hence, it has its own rules and regulations. The law in Norway indicates that cannabidiol may be purchased, used, or sold. However, it should not contain any amount of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is specifically different from the laws in the European Union, which indicates that the maximum allowed limit is 0.2% THC.

Medical MarijuanaNorway Bergen

Norway has had its fair shares of trouble with cannabis. However, the country has also seen tremendous changes in medical research and modern facilities, improving different medicinal products. Norway legalized medical cannabis in 2016. However, there is no list of the health conditions that cannabis can be used to treat. Hence the doctor’s discretion will determine if you will get a prescription.

It is imperative to understand that before medical cannabis is issued for any treatment, your physician must prove that all other treatments did not work. Hence, the final resolution of using medical cannabis. In addition, your doctor must have a specialist at the hospital who is familiar with cannabis and must approve giving out marijuana product that has over 1% THC.

Industrial hemp in Norway

It is essential to understand that any industrial production of marijuana is illegal in Norway. The country does not have any hemp market. The farmers have been growing hemp for decades now before the government took control and banned it in 1964. However, with the advent of new marijuana laws, there is a high chance that the stance by the government may change soon. Since the decriminalization of marijuana means something else, the government will have to give directives to local people on how to handle the issue.

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The ancient history of cannabis in Norway

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There is sufficient archaeological evidence that indicates that marijuana has been in Norway for years now. The discoveries showed that the Vikings cultivated the plant up to 800 CE. It is not widely known what the people were using cannabis for. However, many believe that it was used for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

According to the findings, there were Viking skeletons buried with marijuana seeds and hemp material. This meant that the Vikings always believed in spiritual beings. And marijuana was one medium used to communicate with the spirits.


Weed in Norway Bergen


The ancient trade routes in Europe indicate that by the 9th century. Cannabis might have been introduced through places such as central Europe and Russia. Marijuana had many practical purposes during this century because it could be used in making fishing lines, netting, ropes, and fabric.

Hemp was an important crop in Norwegian culture. With the introduction of textiles and fibers, the crop dwindled considerably until hemp cultivation was banned in 1964. The local government’s approach to initiate the laws might have been to curb the spread of vices such as drug abuse. However, this has proven futile, and the remedies can be found elsewhere. Weed in Norway Bergen

What is the future of cannabis in Norway?

While cannabis laws remain strict in Norway, groups of people and marijuana. Enthusiasts are pushing for the product to be legalized in the country. The government has begun softening its stand with the prime minister. Indicating that the country should focus more on treatment than fines and penalties on drug possession. The young adults in the country are liberal. With the westernized culture, they are pushing for more freedom, including legalizing cannabis in the country. Weed in Norway Bergen