Buy marijuana in Saudi Arabia

Buy marijuana in Saudi Arabia

Buy marijuana in Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is one of the Islamic countries that forbid narcotics as well as any harmful substances.

LAstly KSA does impose harsh punishment to anyone involve with narcotics. Whether they are dealers, smugglers, or users.

Although Saudis know that these substances are forbidden by Saudi and Islamic laws, there are individuals.

That do use them regardless of the laws. In 2006, Statistics of the United Nations note that the quantity seize from narcotics in the KSA alone exceed the amount seize around the world.

Based on the Statistics of General Directorate of Narcotics Control in the KSA. The narcotics most use in the country are hashish, khat, captagon and heroin.

ThEFore However, hashish usage in the kingdom has become the biggest issue. That has face Saudi Government. Statistics of Ministry of Interior in the KSA proved that 70 percent of hashish users were school students.

Although using and cultivating hashish in this country is forbidden by law. Dealers from different countries such as Afghanistan, Israel, Iran and Lebanon are smuggling it by sea or other borders.

Some politicians state that, the KSA is one of the target countries in this world and the enemies are trying to destroy its citizens.

MoreOver Hence, the Saudi Ministry of Interior establish the General Directorate of Narcotics Control department to control the use of harmful substances and punish the narcotic offenders.

It imposes harsh punishment for hashish dealers, smugglers and users. It also establish specialize hospitals and treatment programs for hashish addicts as well as other drugs.

Clearly, this research will provide beneficial information regarding the percentage of hashish addicts in the KSA.

Secondly The reasons of using hashish among Saudi young and address the efforts of Saudi government against it.

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