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Strain type: Indica

Parent strainsAfghani

Backstory: Willy’s Wonder, or William’s Wonder to the more formal, is one of those cannabis strains of legendary status that you’ll just have to try to fully appreciate.Buy Willy’s Wonder weed

Indica-dominant, the flowers are colorful with all possible hues of green, yellow, and red.

The strain’s aroma is an equally diverse mix of tropical fruit and citrus, all of which also come through in its sweet and sour taste.

It was originally developed in the 1980s and has only grown in popularity and potency since then.

New patients be warned, however:

This strain may be one to work up to.

Why we love it: Willy, as his friends call him, is an indica-dominant strain with a heavy Afghani influence.

The bulbous buds and thick layer of trichomes will catch your eye, while the pungent, earthy notes and citrus flavors will captivate your senses.

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