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May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, migraines, headaches, chronic pain, loss of appetite, stress, depression, insomnia, fatigue, pain, muscle spasms, nausea

The Phantom OG marijuana strain is an almost evenly balanced,

hybrid with a more indica leaning that induces a perfectly balanced set of both mental and physical effects.

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Created by crossing the famous OG Kush and Phantom Cookies cannabis strain,

Phantom OG has won our hearts with its amazing terpene profile, a unique type of high and impressive levels of THC.

Reaching between 19% and 26% of THC,

the Phantom OG marijuana strain grows medium-sized buds,

that have typical indica characteristics.

The hybrid has green buds in various shades of this color, with some hints of purple.

Phantom OG’s flowers are also beautifully coated with milky white trichomes that prove the strains potency.

Curly yellow and orange pistils make these buds even more tempting.

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It comes to the aroma of the Phantom OG marijuana strain,

it smells earthy with delicate notes of fresh pine and tangy lemon.

When grinding these buds, you will discover a more aggressive, kushy and skunky aroma.

When combusted, Phantom OG gives a surprisingly,

smooth smoke with rich citrus and woody taste on the exhale.

Although sometimes this hybrid needs 10 to 15 minutes,

to reveal its effects, Phantom OG induces an interesting and unique high.

At first, you will feel an increased blood pressure that calms down after the first few minutes.

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Then, you may notice a carousel of thoughts in your head,

as the Phantom OG marijuana strain induces creative thinking,

making you come up with many inspirational ideas and concepts.

where the Phantom OG strain may induce a perfect mental stimulation to help you with lively conversation.

After some time, the flower comes with a more physical high to calm its euphoric effects.

You can indulge in a complete relaxation,

that spreads throughout the whole body, allowing you to breathe more easily.

Thus, Phantom OG is a perfect relaxing strain with some sedative,

properties that allow you to unwind after a long day and enjoy a deep, quality sleep.

With such an amazing combination of both physical and mental effects,

the Phantom OG comes with several uses for medical patients.

First of all, it can aid concentration, which makes it ideal for treating ADD or ADHD.

With its mood-elevating properties, it can also help you get rid of depression and stress.

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Additionally, Phantom OG relieves physical stress and tension, helping to alleviate pain, both temporary and chronic.

With this strain’s tendency to increase appetite,

Phantom OG may be ideal for those dealing,

with diminished hunger due to treatment or disease.

Buy Phantom OG Online, Buy Phantom OG kush Australia, Buy Cheap Kush in QLD, Where to order Cheap weed Melbourne, Can i buy marijuana in Australia?

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