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Sour Cream is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Sour Diesel and G13 Haze, both powerhouse strains in their own right. The balance of sativa to indica is 70:30, making for a relaxing cerebral experience. The high is calming and happy


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BUY WEED ONLINE AUSTRALIA  Although sour cream may be controversial.

when used as a condiment, the strain Sour Cream has a much more universal appeal.

This sativa-leaning hybrid is the product of G-13 Haze and perennial favorite Sour Diesel.

Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has measured. Sour Cream’s psychoactivity at a steady 17% THC.

Sour Cream is distinguished by impressively large, solid flowers.

When cured, they adhere in the dense, heavy bud structure.

typical of indicas, but have the tapered, conical shape more typical of sativas.

The leaves are bright shade of kelly green and have a slightly yellowish tint.

Hairy brown pistils thread themselves through the tightly-packed leaves and amber-colored.

trichomes dot the flowers’ surfaces, making them particularly sticky and difficult to break up by hand.

The primary aroma of this strain is a skunk musk, tinged with a heady gasoline tang passed on from parent strain Sour Diesel.

A sharp citrus odor brightens up these earthy base notes.

Breaking open or grinding the nugs yields a funky, faintly cheesy smell.

When combusted, Sour Cream is smooth and easy on the throat, although its acrid odors may sting eyes or sinuses a bit.

On the exhale, smoke tastes of dank earth and sour lemon.

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high from Sour Cream comes on quickly in the form of a head rush.

and a mounting pressure behind the eyes and temples.

Initial effects manifest as a surge in cerebral focus:

sounds and colors may seem sharper or more noticeable and may take on a newly psychedelic nature.

As this high progresses, users will detect a creeping. tingle that soon spreads through the body as thorough relaxation.

Breathing many happen more slowly and easily and any deep-seated muscular tension will evaporate.

That said, smokers remain lucid and conversational, able to focus on tasks —

particularly stressful ones — without the disadvantages and distractions of stress.

  • Because it is neither overly cerebral nor overly sedative, Sour Cream is appropriate for use at any time of day.

This balanced strain has many applications for medical cannabis patients as well.

Its relaxing properties may help ease users’ aches and pains,

whether they’re incidental (as due to injury) or chronic (as due to conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia).

Sour Cream’s anti-spasmodic properties can. also lessen the severity of certain seizure conditions.

In high enough amounts, this strain’s sedation.can be a treatment for stubborn cases of insomnia.

. Like many sativa-dominant strains, Sour Cream has a long.

flowering time of about 10-11 weeks when grown indoors;

it is ready for harvest in late October when grown outdoors. BUY WEED ONLINE FRANCE

Growers should also take the time to properly cure their carefully-grown buds.



Sour Cream strikes the coveted balance between indica and sativa.


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9 reviews for Buy Sour Cream

  1. Az taylor

    “very yummy . helps bring my appetite back . gives me energy if I use right before an activity and can put me to sleep if used right before bed . I love the taste . it instantly took my headache away”

  2. Musty Brown

    “This isn’t a review, I just wanted to share the time I bought some “NY Cheese” and it was a bad, soily SD that had been sprayed with SOUR CREAM WATER to cover a mold/mildew issue. Who makes that connection!? The other pickups smelled like milk (common folier spray antifungal), but the SD was Sour Cream dip, no joke. Its hilarious because the guy always let me pick the jar and smell it, but he didn’t that ti…”

  3. john canedy

    “I love this strain! A nice up but dreamy sativa leaning high. I feel relief from head and eye tension/pain similar to the headband strain.”

  4. Anony mous

    “Seattle Quality Collective – Seattle, WA A classic strain still alive in the North West, Thai is a strong Sativa that kills pain, and reduces stress while keeping one focused and on point while going about day-to-day business. A euphoric head high leaves the individual in a trance like state, which sets on slowly and picks up intensity as the day goes on lasting hours on a .5 g. bong toke. Thai is a strong variety…”

  5. Idan adam

    “If this strain had a sound track it would be The Ramon’s, “I want to be sedated.” But played at a slow 33 rpms. Heavy and sleepy for me, but quite happily peaceful. Slept through the night. Feels like a cross between Deep Sleep and Jane Doe. Highly recommended for bedtime. Got at Yavapai”

  6. desa carls

    “This sour cream I had was damn amazing. Started at the head, which was very warm and fuzzy, and moved down into the body which felt like I weighed a ton. Very high recommendations.”

  7. frank khalid

    “Excellent daytime Fibromyalgia pain and spasm relief without drowsiness. It sold out in 48 hours at my local dispensaries. I got the last gram in my area and can’t wait to get more. It’s a lot like Sugar Cookie, but with more pain relief, no paranoia and made me uplifted with no anxiety. Great for getting chores done…love it!”

  8. wilfred kind

    “🐝.. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety & severe RA Pain daily. I am curremtly enjoying this Uplifting Strain in a medible, Canna-Honey🍯 made by CLEAN CONCENTRATE (YHS PV ). Releases muscle tension fast. Smiles Galore HAPPY HERB!! Sour Cream honey is YUMMY in my AM tea, Delish in my choc-fudge Brownies, super even “straight up”. I purchased my honeybear at YHS Prescott Valley for $110. worth every penny! I have …”

  9. furtdso linopv

    Hello there, simply turned into aware of your weblog thru Google, and found that it is really informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. I’ll be grateful should you continue this in future. Lots of folks might be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

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