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Expect a major blow to the head from this super-potent strain. A pure sativa, Durban Poison is the beloved inbred descendant of a sativa strain grown in South Africa. Ed Rosenthal, an American cannabis activist, discovered the original strain and brought in back to the United States in the 1970s. It has long been a favorite of stoners and medical marijuana patients here. Durban Poison has THC levels that can reach 24%, making it one of the world’s more powerful strains. This strain hits with a strong, happy head high that’s great for creativity and daytime errands. Paranoia may be a possible side effect, along with dry mouth. Durban Poison is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea. This strain is ideal for making concentrates, as the bud is covered in over-sized trichomes. The dominant smell and taste of Durban Poison is earthy and sweet, with a subtle pine aroma. The buds are round and chunky, with a dense coating of trichomes. This strain is best for active periods, chores, and other daylight activities.

Buy Durban Poison online order Durban Poison online buy Durban Poison australia buy Durban Poison sydney

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12 reviews for Buy Durban Poison

  1. RWright

    “Durban Poison is my favorite social or daytime get going and enjoy life flower. I like to keep the thc around 24 for my best results. Not the best one for crazy pain, but won’t let you down on mild pain days and is excellent for general stress, anxiety and over all mood. Will always recommend, just wish my ATC would grow.”

  2. jamsshid

    “I’m definitely in a Haze but certainly not Blue after smoking this yummy hybrid!..A perfect high/stoned balanced energy that is both ethereal and euphoric, Blue Haze is one of my favorite strains!…Pain Zapper, Stress Blaster Magic! Assists mindful thinking, meditation, intuition. Creativity is very enhanced…Dreamy! Helps with PTSD, muscle spasms, chronic pain, anxiety….My #1 Sativa-Social, Indica-Ideal Hybrid c…”

  3. bertend

    “Durban Poison is considered one of the most pure sativas out there. A very energetic high Durban has a unique character to it’s buzz as well as its taste. This is a very motivational strain, great for the morning or daytime. Clear and happy one can still function on this strong sativa. That said, proceed with caution, this is a strong psychoactive sativa if you over do it you may feel jittery, agitated and very m…”

  4. hanson

    “I hadn’t been high in 100 days and this was the first strain I smoked. What a great choice. Although the cerebral high was strong, it was never overwhelming…actually rather enjoyable. It is 100% percent a mind experience. I was so energetic and any stress or rotten mood I may have had just disappeared. It was wonderful. Just do not smoke this if you plan on sleeping any time soon. It would be perfect for an outdoo…”

  5. scandy edgy

    “Since first reading about it decades ago, Durban Poison has been my Holy Grail of Pot, promising a clear, transcendent high that was at the opposite end of the spectrum from the intense, drowsy stone offered by the indoor-grown indicas so prevalent in my area in the days before legalization. I’ll cut to the chase–I’ve had better cannabis, and better sativas. That said, I’m not at all disappointed with this strain….”

  6. godlove abel

    reminiscent of my first hash oil experience… Blast off!… Durban Poison enhances creative endeavers and motivates me to joyously clean my home with much attention to detail!, heady high so calming and pure is unexpectedly Focused…I would Not recommend DP when attending that dreaded family dinner however…whoops! Warning!..uncontrollable la…”

  7. Anontra derzero

    “I must say that there something about this strain that really works for me personally. I myself have been weening myself off of anti depressants to treat OCD and Tourettes syndrome this strain has greatly reduced the side effects of withdrawals caused from the pills. On a side note this strain has greatly supported better sleep for me even though this is considered a sativa which promotes wakefulness this does the ex…”

  8. Mr Tibet

    “Durban Poison is like the “espresso” of cannabis. The raciest sativa I know of, it’s a stimulating and clearheaded high with no trace of numbing or “stoning.” It wakes you up, cuts through the bleary fog and leaves you clearheaded and bright, gives you energy to go and seize the day. Gives tons of energy and also an intense emotional euphoria… where everything is vibrating and you can’t take the smile off your face…”

  9. idang shey

    “Love Durban Poison. Such a solid high. Again, it’s a Sativa that won’t give you the munchies or paranoia (two big priorities for me), but will make you creative, energetic and euphoric. Never had a problem with this strain. Wouldn’t recommend this one for sleep. Tangie, Casey Jones, and Jamaican Dream and most Hawaiian strains overall make sleepy a few hours after smoking. Not Durban Poison.”

  10. Buckeye_Mark

    “This strain really was one of the top strains I”ve had so far in the sativa leaning catagory. I was smoking it out of a bowl with some friends so the flavor was something I’d like to try with my volcano soon. The smell is dank, the buds are dank and dense so the quality really shows. The smoke expands in the lungs and you feel it in your head right away, a great jolt of energy and sense of well being. I plugged in my…”

  11. avillax

    “Perfection. It gives you energy, lots of feelings of well-being, I was very surprised because my body feels much better than with Indica strains. With Indicas, if I have a microscopic rock in my shoe it is going to be bothering me for a while, but with DP you just feel good generally. It also causes lots of giggles and keeps you completely clear-headed, you do forget some stuff though, but not when you’re speaking, …”

  12. furtdsolinopv

    What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to contribute & assist other users like its aided me. Good job.


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